About Me

Hi! I am an ex-JC/Sec School teacher and I have about 20 years of experience teaching chemistry.

I provide customised O and A level Chemistry tuition. I also provide O level Science(Chemistry) tuition and O level Maths tuition.

I deliver simplified teaching and I attempt to make chemistry come alive by teaching real life applications of chemistry.

You will enjoy your tuition with me as I can help you to boost your Chemistry grade and your confidence in Chemistry. I hope to inspire you in the quest of Chemistry knowledge and provide you with tools and tips to tackle assessment papers.

I graduated from National University of Singapore with an Honours degree in Science majoring in Chemistry. I have a teaching diploma (PGDE) from NTU-NIE.

My students have consistently obtained good results in O and A level examinations.

My handphone number is 82875873.

E-mail address : chemguide8@hotmail.com

Yours sincerely,

Mr Chong
B.Sc(Hons) in Chemistry (from NUS), Dip. in Education
Ex-school teacher


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