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A Level H2 Chemistry tuition by experienced ex-JC teacher

Reach your full potential with A Level H2 Chemistry tuition by ex-JC teacher

Why struggle in your chemistry studies? Do you need a grade boost? Do you need to do well for tests and exams?

You’ve come to the right place! My personalized and customised A level H2 Chemistry tuition is now available in 2018.

I teach as an ex-JC tutor, graduated with a NUS Honours degree, along with 19 years of solid experience. Personalised and small group/individual tuition slots are available. Ad-hoc tuition with topical revision is also available.

My offer to you : Simplified teaching Interesting real life applications of ChemistryPurposeful and exam oriented teaching I am very patient with struggling learners.

Please whatsapp / Sms Mr Chong at 9893-5144.

I follow the latest GCE A Level Chemistry syllabus released in 2018.

If possible, I normally need at least five days' advance notice prior to the first tuition session.

To access my A level Chemistry notes and worksheets, please feel free to browse my blog…

Chemical Equilibrium and Ionic Equilibrium tutorial

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Tutorial

Summary of Chemical Bonding in a Diagram

Physical Chemistry Formulae List 2018

Physical Chemistry Formulae List 2018 is available for download.

Download the file from Google Drive here:

High School/ JC Chemistry Formulae List 2018 by chong56 on Scribd

Chemical Bonding question

Question : What are the Lewis structures of C3O, SCN- and (CN)2?

Organic Synthesis Question

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons consist of benzene rings fused together. 
Identify molecules A and B that can react in a one-step reaction to form the substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon shown below.

Challenging JC H2 Chemistry Practice Papers

Practice Question

1. Aluminium metal is widely used in countries worldwide. Aluminium has low density and strength that makes it ideal for construction of aircraft, lightweight vehicles, and ladders.

(a) [Chemical Bonding] Suggest with reference to the bonding why aluminium has higher melting point than sodium. [2]

(b) [Chemical Bonding] Aluminium compounds also have many uses in industries. Aluminium chloride, often in the form of derivatives, is a common component in antiperspirants, at low concentrations.
Draw the structure that aluminium chloride exists in vapour state. [1]
State the angle of Cl-Al-Cl in the above structure. [1]

(c) [Chemical Bonding] Aluminium chloride has a low melting point of 192.4 °C. Explain this phenomenon with reference to its bonding. [2]

(d) [Chemical Bonding] Draw the Lewis structure of the product when aluminium chloride reacts with nitrogen trifluoride, NF3 in a 1:1 mole ratio.[2]

(e) [Arenes] Friedal-Craft alkylation occurs when benzene reacts with chloroethane to fo…

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Organic Chemistry - Reaction mechanism

Organic chemistry – Question on reaction mechanism

The above reaction is known as the mechanism of Kolbe reaction. (a)Name 2 types of reaction in the mechanism. (b)Write an overall equation consisting of 2 stages to represent the mechanism. Sulfuric acid is used in the last stage of the reaction. (c)Suggest a solvent to carry out the reaction.