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Trends from 2019 H2 Chemistry Prelim Papers

Hi all,
 Some heterocyclic organic  compounds containing O, N or S atoms have appeared in 2019 H2 Chemistry Prelim Papers.

 So you may wish to read up on lactones, pyrroles or furans only if you have time.

You may search for "lactones" or "furans" or "pyrrole" in wikipedia.

All the best for your examinations!!

Signing off,

Mr Chong

Organic chemistry question - Diels Alder reaction

Novel organic chemistry reaction:

Read wikipedia on Diels Alder reaction:

Draw the structural formulas of A and B for the following reaction, given that A and B are constitutional isomers.

Novel organic chemistry question 2019

Question inspired  by Cambridge 2018 exam papers

By reading up on Wikipedia on Aldol reaction mechanism:
Draw a possible product D of this reaction:
Text Box: D


New book to recommend

Hi all,
 There is a new book in Popular bookshops that is written by Mr Eric Kua. The title is "A Level Chemistry - Novel Organic Chemistry Questions".
 Why should you get a copy? It is for those who want to get a pass in your coming Prelims exams and a good grade in A levels Chemistry exams.
 What is it about? The guided questions are on novel Chemistry reactions and their mechanisms. These questions are likely to appear in prelims exams in one form or another. The standard of this book is around university year one / two organic chemistry. The author has provided lots of help and clues in the book.

 I shall heartily recommend this book.

See ya all and all the best!!


Mr Chong

H2 Chemistry Prelims Paper 3 questions and solutions

Here are questions and solutions from a merged JC taken from GCE A levels H2 Chemistry Prelim Paper 3.

H2 Chemistry Paper by Chong56 on Scribd

Solutions for H2 Chemistry Paper by Chong56 on Scribd