A Level H2 /H1 Chemistry tuition and notes by ex-JC teacher

Reach your full potential with A Level H2 / H1 Chemistry tuition by ex-JC teacher
Why struggle in your chemistry studies?

Do you need a grade boost?
Do you want to do well for tests and exams?
You’ve come to the right place!
My personalized and customised A level H2 /H1 Chemistry tuition is now available in 2024.

I was an ex-JC tutor, graduated with a NUS Honours degree in Pure Chemistry, along with years of solid experience. I also graduated with a diploma in education from NTU - NIE.

I was the top student in a secondary school, achieved 5 distinctions in A levels in a top junior college, and I was in Dean's list in NUS.
  1-1 individual tuition service is provided, with value added services to improve the students' grades. Individual attention to the student and customised tuition are given.Customised feedback with motivation tips are provided for the student.
Ad-hoc tuition with topical revision is also available.

My offer to you :
  • Simplified teaching
  • Interesting real life applications of Chemistry
  • Purposeful and exam oriented teaching
  • Special pedagogical methodologies to aid students' learning
I am patient with struggling learners.

My students, who are mostly from neighbourhood JCs, have gained entry to popular faculties in NUS Law, Business, Chemical Engineering, Architecture and NTU Business / Accountancy and Computer Science. 

I welcome private candidates to join my tuition.
Please whatsapp Mr Chong at 8287-5873.

I follow the latest GCE A Level Chemistry syllabus released in 2024.

If possible, I need at least three days' advance notice prior to the first tuition session.

To access my A level Chemistry notes and worksheets, please feel free to browse my blog.
Please use the left side-bar for navigation. I hope that you will find this resource invaluable to you in your study of Chemistry.

As an indication of the quality of my work, My O and A levels Chemistry blogs have more than 1,000,000 pageviews. I’m humbled yet grateful for this following!
A very big Thank you all my valued readers!!

Thank you!!

Testimonials from students for Chemistry tuition:
"Mr Chong is a great chemistry teacher, although I had only a few months with him, he managed to widen my knowledge and increased my interest in chemistry. Through his practices and explanations I managed to turn one of my weakest subjects to one of my strongest subjects. I am truly blessed to have met a teacher like Mr Chong. Thank you 😊 " Jiayuan. 
"Mr Chong helped to improve my chemistry understanding tremendously. I went for his tuition after my Jc 2 timed practice and I gained a much better understanding of chemistry concepts through his sessions compared to my school lecture notes and practices. He was also very patient and encouraging and gave many helpful tips throughout the tuition sessions. I am very appreciative of Mr Chong as he always helped me promptly when I needed clarification outside tuition hours and I highly recommend anyone who needs help in chemistry to sign up for his tuition. " Ro Ler, Hwa Chong Institution

"Mr Chong is someone who is very caring and will always look out for us. He never hesitates to help us when we face queries and teaches us in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He will follow the pace of the students ensuring that we are able to keep up with the lesson and gives us the opportunity to ask questions during tuition lessons." Calista, ACJC

"Mr Chong is a very patient and caring teacher! He has helped me improve in chemistry by making chemistry more interesting during our tuition sessions. Mr Chong is also patient in answering our questions and goes the extra mile to answer our questions outside of tuition sessions in great depth :)" Charis, ACJC


"Mr Chong has been a reliable and understanding tutor. He has helped me understand chemistry concepts easily through his classes and exposed me to a wide array of chemistry questions which has helped me to cope better with the examinations. I have felt more confident facing the tougher questions in the exams and he has helped me to obtain much better grades than what I expected." -- Marcus, Yishun-Innova JC

"Mr Chong is a dedicated tutor, who is earnest in his field of work. As a private candidate with a weak foundation in Chemistry, he caters to my needs and requirements, and explains key details and concepts with full understanding. Apart from that, he is very invested in his craft, ensuring that the student is well equipped with the relevant skills. An example would be that he took the time to prepare mini practical sessions for me. Mr Chong is a tutor that I would recommend to anyone looking for a H2 Chemistry tutor. Thank you for your guidance!" Jie Peng, Private candidate, formerly from Jurong-Pioneer JC

"Thank you Mr Chong for your patient teaching. Without your teaching, I do not think it is possible for me to achieve the coveted A grade in A level Chemistry exams." -- Joel, Yishun-Innova JC 

"Mr Chong is a dedicated and patient tutor. When I first started having tuition, I was very weak in chemistry. However, he encouraged me to work hard through consistent practices. He helped me break down difficult concepts and was quick to help me clarify any doubts I had regarding foundation concepts. Thank you Mr Chong for making chemistry interesting and enjoyable for me!!" Felicia, Yishun-Innova JC

"Thank you for your services! the lessons were very helpful and informative, and I really appreciated the focus on my weaker areas, and clarifying concepts that i was unsure of!"
Yixuan, Hwa Chong Institution

"Mr Chong explains concepts clearly and ensures that I understand them. He is always ready to help whenever I have questions for chemistry." Matthew, Catholic JC

"Mr Chong has helped me improve my chemistry with his patient guidance and knowledge and has made me more confident for  A level Chemistry. He also takes time to explain things that are out of syllabus but are essential to understanding the question at hand." Lai Yuen, NYJC

"Mr Chong made sure that certain examples that were out of syllabus (of higher level) were exposed to me. He always motivated me and made me want to try harder. My chemistry definitely improved under his care...." Apurv, Jurong-Pioneer JC

Note : Cambridge has used some university questions from university textbooks in the recent years' exam papers.

"Very approachable teacher who makes me wanna improve and learn more!" Timothy, Jurong-Pioneer JC

"He is able to convey the concepts clearly. Mr Chong is a teacher who also cares for his student holistically. Whenever I feel down, he would never fail to give constant encouragements to make me feel better. He is no doubt a dedicated teacher and puts in his utmost efforts for his students. " Terence, Anderson-Serangoon JC 
"I am delighted to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Chong for the remarkable progress my child has made in chemistry over the past six months with tuition from Mr Chong. 

He is able to understand student's unique learning style and has truly made a positive impact which help my child improved from C5 in SA1 to A2 in prelim exam.

Thank you for being an outstanding educator and for making a lasting difference in my child's academic journey. " Mr Zhang, Parent of Clarissa, who studied in Zhonghua Secondary




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