Achieving Success in Chemistry

Would you like to get good grades for your studies, tests and exams? Here are some tips:
Have a vision: Great men have visions for their lives. Can you visualise what you will become in a few years time? Have an ambition for your life. Life is too precious to waste the time away. Even if you do not know what you want to become, you can look to your interests and get a clue from your interests. 

For example, if you love numbers, you may want to become an accountant.

Be determined : You need to be determined to pay the price for the success. No success is obtained easily. You need to put in hours of hard work. Malcolm Gladwell, a famous author, has said that one has to practise 10000 hours in one’s vocation to be the top. Be determined to pursue your goal. Be a go-getter with a heart for people. 

Be determined to achieve your goals. Write your goals on your study desk or beside your bed. Look at them daily and remind yourself you are on the way to obtaining your goals. Be focused on your goals.

Put off procrastination : How many times are your sidetracked because of fun activities that do not achieve your goals? Be determined to pay the price of success. If you have fun all the days, you may not be successful in the end. Say no to some invitations of your friends to play all day long.

Face the challenge : When difficulties arise in your studies, do not be put off. Have a positive attitude. Tell yourself that you can do it and overcome the challenges. Be determined to stay ahead of the competition and outperform your peers.

Have good study techniques : Study books on how to improve your memory and study skills. Know when is your best time to study a particular subject. Take short breaks when doing a long study. Psychologists have said that the attention span of a student is about 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of study, take a short break. Do something you like; then return to study.
Summarise your notes : summarise your notes in your own words. Design acronyms, memory aids to help you in your study. Draw mind maps to get an overall picture of the flow of the chapter of the subject.

Practice : Practise your assessment books and Ten Year Series. Practice makes perfect.

Ask questions : When in doubt, ask questions from your teacher or your peers. Do not be afraid to lose face.

Have good rest : Take adequate rest and sleep. Your mind will be more refreshed. Cut down on the entertainment and get some rest.

Exercise : Exercise will stimulate your brain and prepare you to be more fit for studies. Sports helps in training you to be disciplined. Joseph Schooling makes use of the disciplines he learns from swimming for his studies.

Have good nutrition : Take the right and healthy food. Cut down on junk food. Omega 3 and Gingko Biloba pills may help you to have a sharper mind. Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions on these supplements.

All the best for your tests, exams and school journey!


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