Recommended Textbooks

You may get these textbooks for GCE A level syllabus and beyond from your school library. Or from Popular bookshops or NUS Co-op Library (LT27) or at

Basic chemistry texts:

A-level Chemistry by Ramsden

Chemistry for Advanced Level by Peter Cann and Peter Hughes

  For further in-depth reading
for able students, try these undergraduate textbooks:

Organic Chemistry:

Organic Chemistry by John McMurry, 8th edition

A highly challenging but modern book - Organic Chemistry 

By Jonathan Clayden , Nick Greeves , Stuart Warren , Peter Wothers

Organic Chemistry by Janice Smith 

Physical and General Chemistry:

Chemistry3 by Burrow, Holman, Parsons, Pilling, Price

A website where you can get free e-resources for chemistry and other goodies is   Look under e-resources. You need an account with the Public Libraries, Singapore to log-in.

Good Singapore guide books:
Understanding Advanced Organic and Analytical Chemistry : The Learner's Approach
Published Date : 2011/12
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789814374989 

Understanding Advanced Physical Inorganic Chemistry : The Learner's Approach
Published Date : 2010/10
Binding : Paperback
ISBN : 9789814317269 

Understanding Advanced Chemistry Through Problem Solving
Chan Kim Seng, Jeanne Tan
Volumes 1 and 2 

Organic Chemistry made easy by George Chong K L
Candid Creation Publishing 

A level Study Guide - Chemistry by C S Toh (2017 Updated edition)


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