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The materials posted on the webpages of mine are generally not entirely original. They have been adapted for use from various Junior Colleges / centralised institutes, textbooks, guide books and assessment books. I have produced some original materials on this blog too. To admit it, producing materials at A levels is really challenging, and Chemistry is not the easiest subject on planet Earth.

I used some past year prelim papers on my blog. There were references to some JCs' lecture notes.

I have been quite careful not to infringe on copyright laws and intellectual property. I have to admit that copyright laws are tricky; they have not been updated comprehensively to deal with the technological age.

In chemistry, even much of the textbook stuff have been rewritten and rephrased from original journal articles done by many eminent scientists. So there is not much original and really new things on Earth!

Thank you Bedokfunland JC for advising me on matters of chemistry!

Thank you Mum who encourages me and has been a support to me since birth.

Thank you all Science teachers of the JCs!

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