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A Level H2 Chemistry tuition by experienced ex-JC teacher

Reach your full potential with A Level H2 Chemistry tuition by ex-JC teacher   Why struggle in your chemistry ...

A few words about Prelims 2012

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 Some questions from A level chem papers last year were quite similar to university textbooks end of chapter exercises. I shall be writing again soon hopefully.
The trick in A levels is to master your basics real fast and practise tough papers. Cambridge has used ideas from old S papers and H3 papers. So you may wanna ask your teachers for some of the papers, if you are game for the challenge.

Stuggling students can get lecture notes from either  YJC and get their basics right. There is a flow of logic in chemistry. Get used to the terminology of chemistry concepts, and talk chemistry with your classmates (and not so much about Star Awards or the juicy news from celebrities). Discussing about chemistry does help. Get help from tutors or from your "smart" schoolmates. Share study notes and tips.

Some JC setters recycled questions from other schools' prelim papers of past years.

Seems that some JCs like to use an university level organic chemistry reaction and reduce it to A level content. So be prepared to think fast in continual assessments this year.

  Usually schools do not have adequate time to teach transition metals chemistry chapter, so pls take note of this topic. We really need to read a lot beyond the lecture notes to answer questions from this chapter.


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